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DA puts over 25 years of experience in developing, evaluating, and optimizing intellectual property portfolios for clients of every size – from startups to the Fortune 500 to work for you!

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We believe in providing concise Communication to our clients. We grow client Loyalty through the delivery of Excellent work product and we are Accountable to our clients for achieving successful outcomes while upholding our Responsibility to maintain the highest ethical practices while doing so.

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When you hire a law firm for any project, you want one that can successfully deliver the results that you seek. Our clients choose DA because we achieve their objectives, focusing on their needs over our bottom line. 

About Our Practice

Your innovations create your competitive edge. In today’s global market, it’s not enough to simply innovate. You need to protect your innovations, improve upon them and leverage them to drive your business forward. Drake & Associates has the knowledge and talent you need to protect and enhance the value of your ideas and to show you how to make your intellectual property an integral part of your overall business plan. Let us show you how to use your IP to improve your bottom line and create obstacles for your competitors so that you can focus on expanding and growing your business!


we provide the following


D&A lawyers practice across a wide range of industries and across multiple jurisdictions. Locally, nationally, or globally, whether your matter is focused on a single issue or is a complex matter encompassing issues that touch on patents, trademarks, copyrights or even more esoteric areas of intellectual property law, we mobilize the most effective and efficient teams to collaborate with your personnel, always keeping your goals and bottom line in mind.

Intellectual property assets are vital to your business. Developing, maintaining, and protecting your portfolio requires a sophisticated approach that understands your goals and can advise you as to when and how to change that approach as your goals change. With our exclusive focus on IP law, our team works efficiently to protect ideas, mitigate exposure, and, if needed, vigorously defend your interests.

Intellectual Property

Licensing agreements can provide parties with additional revenue streams, provide strategic access to complementary rights or combinations of these benefits. See how we can help you to develop and execute your own customized licensing strategy. 

Privacy & Data

From the GDPR to CCPA, the laws governing the data privacy obligations of businesses large and small can be overwhelming. D&A has the expertise to guide you through these murky regulatory waters safely. 

Patent Prosecution,
Counseling & Review

Your IP portfolio is a key pillar supporting the success of your business, but how well do you know yours? Drake & Associates will analyze your current IP portfolio and then recommend opportunities for protection and growth. 

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are enjoying a renaissance as a key untapped part of your IP portfolio. DA has the experience to identify and protect your business’s “secret sauce”.

Trademark & Copyright

Your logos, slogans, and written materials all have value. Drake & Associates will work with your business to put the appropriate protections in place so that you can exploit the value inherent in these assets.

Anti-Corruption Compliance

From the FCPA to the UK Bribery Act and other regimes in between, Drake & Associates will assess and monitor your exposure to those risks and work with you to design a workable compliance plan.   

Words From Clients

  • Thank you for the support to make this happen. Another dream come true!

    Susan Stein
    Founder, Jari Menari LLC
  • The best law firm around! Great service and fast!

    David Johnson
    CEO, Opsiv Solutions LLC
  • James Drake is a conscientious individual who understands how to work well with his customers/clients. His team has the experience and integrity needed to guide any organization through complicated legal issues.

    Frank Kocjancic
    Business Development & Strategy Manager,
    BP-Husky Refining LLC (Toledo Refinery)
  • I’ve never dealt with any patent attorney that brings more to the table than James. Drafting and filing patent applications does not even begin to explain the value that he, and his firm, can offer a company. Completion of a project in a way that maximizes the client benefit is his main focus. Every time I work with him, I do less work because he gets the work, the project, the scope, and the commercial realities. He brings an invaluable perspective to our intellectual capital strategy and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Jim Clancy
    Cofounder, 622 Innovations

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